How to Make the Most of Your Mini Food Processor

what can a mini food processor do

We are in the middle of a culinary revolution. Even with a growing number of prepared and processed foods popping up on our shelves, we are collectively returning to kitchens to bring fresh flavor and a homemade touch to our diets.

One of the greatest tools in the kitchen has been the food processor, transforming basil to pesto, and tomatoes to salsas at the press of a button.

But many of the larger models are bulky, loud, and tricky to clean- let alone the fact that they are often too big for the needs of a small family.

Enter the best secret weapon you haven’t thought of! The mini food processor brings the power and force behind your regular food processor, but packs it down into a size you can actually use.

A few of our favorites include the Cuisinart Mini Prep collection, a line of small food processors in varying capacities, perfect for grinding and chopping with ease.

We’re also fans of the Kitchenaid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper, which comes in a variety of colors to suit any kitchen aesthetic.

The smallest of the three, the Proctor Silex Mini Food processor is tiny, but the perfect size for a number of jobs, weighing in at barely a pound, and taking up about as much space as a coffee cup.

Here’s some of the ways we use our mini food processor, and why we can’t live without it!

Hummus for 2

One of the most delicious snacks we are enjoying at the moment is hummus! This Middle Eastern dip is made from chickpeas and a few other ingredients, to taste. It’s a popular addition to our regular shopping cart, but we’ve found that our mini processor can make the perfect small batch for a nice treat at home, no trips to the store required.

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We’ve popped open a can of chickpeas, (tip: you can also substitute a can of white beans, for a twist or in a pinch) Squeezed a juicy half of a lemon, added tahini (optional) salt, pepper and blended away.

It’s a great opportunity to then add flavorings of your choice – olives, roasted red pepper, pesto – couldn’t be easier.

Getting saucy

In addition to hummus, the mini food processor is perfect for making a great dip or sauce in a pinch. Some of our favorites have been using the mini processor to quickly dice raw veggies to stir into Greek yogurt along with some dill, or even using the speedy blades to blend together a quick pesto, to toss over pasta.

A better whipped topping

Who doesn’t love a delicious and decadent whipped cream? Skip the can, and make your own, combining heavy whipping cream with a splash of vanilla, and some sweetener, if desired. A few pulses and you’ll have a perfectly whipped topping for fruit, cakes, or a nice cup of cocoa.

Butter me up

One of the hottest culinary trends is that of herbed butters, combining a softened stick of butter with herbs and flavorings, sure to infuse your food with fresh flavor and new depth. The mini food processor is a perfect tool to combine the two quickly, no elbow grease required.

Chopping up my time

Raise your hand if you love chopping onions! No one? Skip the tears (or at least expedite them!) by quartering an onion, and letting your secret weapon take care of the dirty work.

Within seconds, you’ll have all the onion you might need, without the smelly hands and tear tracks down your face. This works for a variety of other vegetables, too!

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There are countless uses which can make a mini food processor one of the best investments you can purchase for your kitchen, saving time and hassle, as well as making your life a little healthier.

Making your food fresh allows for the elimination of extra fillers in your food, like unnecessary sugars or preservatives which might come with pre-packaged items. You really cannot lose with one of these mighty machines on your countertop.

Now if only it could do the cooking for us, too!

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