Should You Invest in a Food Processor?


is a food processor a good investment


If you’ve spent time ogling the shiny food processors in various kitchen stores or on your Internet machine, you are probably wondering whether you should invest in one. We see some of the smaller kitchen appliances as essential – the microwave, the coffee maker, the toaster and so on – but the food processor? Is it an investment you should make?

A Food Processor – Ironically – Can Help You Avoid Processed Foods

Our doctors tell us that we should avoid eating too many processed foods –  that is, if we want to be healthy. Sure, that prepared lasagne lying in wait in the freezer aisle at your local grocers could save you time – and it tastes yummy – but it probably has way too much sodium in it.

Making our own meals from fresh ingredients is the best way to achieve a healthy diet. If you are committed to making healthful food everyday, a food processor could be your trusty partner.

A Food Processor is Not a Blender

You may think that your trusty blender will see you through your kitchen escapades in style – you don’t need to complicate your kitchen life. Though a blender is outstanding at dealing with soft foods and liquids – it will do your winter squash with coconut milk soup proud – it cannot chop, slice, knead and mince. It would probably like to, but it can’t. So if you are going to stop ordering pizza on Friday nights and make your own healthful pizza with wholewheat crust, it is definitely a food processor you should be reaching for.

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Pesto… Pasta… Almond Butter…

One way to decide whether a food processor is an investment worth making is to think about the food you could prepare with it. If you want to see the wholesome ingredients that go into your spinach linguine, prepare it – surprisingly easily – in a food processor. If pesto makes you swoon – you’ll be able to make it thin or lusciously grainy in a food processor. Oh, and why not make your own pure almond butter and take in your breakfast protein in style.


If you sometimes, if not frequently, feel like you are chasing yourself through your own life and you rarely catch up with yourself, you are not alone. Imagine this: you are making a healthful vegetable soup. In scenario 1, you carefully peel and chop up all of your vegetables before plopping them in your pot; in scenario 2, you scrub them before pushing them through your food processor’s feeding tube. There are times when a food processor feels like your best friend, making things easier for you after a hard day.

Your Hard-earned Cash

Most of us have limited funds. We are careful not to waste money – or try to be. A worthy food processor – new – will probably cost you at least 150 dollars. This may seem like a lot of money to spend on a small kitchen appliance. Say if you spend $10 buying your lunch at work everyday, you are dishing out 200 dollars a month. When you consider the cost of a food processor, which can help you enjoy cooking healthful food, you can see that the price is more than reasonable.

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A food processor is a reliable kitchen tool that you can count on as you explore your culinary talents in your home kitchen. If you cook more than twice a week, you’ll appreciate one.

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