Hand Carved Wooden Spoons

hand carved wooden spoons

Spoons stand alongside knives in a class of utensils with which you might not realize your need until you don’t have one available! People have been crafting spoons since the beginning of time, for eating as well as in general food preparation.

Many popular utensils today are made from silicone or metal, however wooden spoons have stood the test of time.

One great benefit to a wooden spoon is the ability to harvest wood sustainably from trees, either through the carving of a branch, or working with smaller scraps which might not hold another use.

A staple of many traditions, wooden spoons are often revered and passed down as heirloom pieces, when properly cared for.

These hand carved wooden spoons are sure to find a permanent place in your kitchen.

Hand Carved Lychee Wooden SpoonHand Carved Lychee Wooden Spoon

This wooden spoon is hand carved from Hawaiian Lychee wood, and is the perfect size for eating, or cooking smaller quantities of food. This piece looks like it belongs hung up on a wall, however it is entirely food safe, and won’t scratch your cookware.

Crafted in Hawaii, the artist has a number of other spoons available, including this larger model, made of Koa wood.

Hand Carved Hawaiian Koa Wooden Spoon Hand Carved Hawaiian Koa Wooden Spoon

These spoons have a delicate though sturdy quality about them, and hold timeless, beautiful designs in their shape and form.

Finely Hand Carved Beech Wood Serving SpoonFinely Hand Carved Beech Wood Serving Spoon

When looking for a more artisan, rustic feel, consider this finely hand carved Beech wood serving spoon, which looks like a piece out of a fairy tale. This organically welded spoon showcases the beautiful Beech wood grain, and the twisting handle adds a whimsical touch.

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The artisan also offers a number of other items, including this serving spoon which was carved from a fallen apple tree!

Finely Hand Crafted Apple Wood Serving SpoonFinely Hand Crafted Apple Wood Serving Spoon

The handle evokes an almost magical touch, like one might be holding a wand.

Hand Carved Wild Cherry Spoon

This hand carved Cherry spoon offers a deep bowl, and long handle, showcasing the strong cherry wood grain.

You might also consider this walnut spoon, (below) also hand carved by Wilson & Son Spoon Company.

Hand Carved Walnut Spoon Hand Carved Walnut Spoon

hand carved wooden spoons

Solid Maple Hand Carved Wooden Spoon Set

This three piece wooden set from New Hampshire Board and Bowl features two spoons and a wooden spatula. Hand carved in New Hampshire, and made from Maple, these three are the perfect addition to your utensil drawer, their smooth finish proving a delight to cook with.

The spatula even comes with a hole in the end, allowing for easy hanging.

A well crafted wooden spoon can make or break your soup or pasta sauce experience. While rough, poorly created utensils can sometimes be the “norm,” they don’t have to be!

Consider investing in some hand crafted wooden pieces, sure to last you for years of cooking to come.

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