Food Processor Reviews

I love to cook and try new recipes, don’t you?

And having the right kitchen tools at hand makes all that chopping, mixing and kneading so much easier.

For the cooking enthusiasts like me, a good quality food processor is an indispensable kitchen tool to have in your kitchen.

Which brings me to the main reason why I created The Food Chopper. You see I’m on a mission to live healthier by making changes in my diet. I’ve just about eliminated all processed and junk foods from my diet, which means I have to cook my own meals so I can control what goes on my plate.

I have a very long list of all the essential kitchen tools and staples that I’ll be needing. Right now I’m in the market for a new food processor and doing my due diligence to make sure I spend my money wisely while at the same time getting all the features and options that I need.

The Food Chopper food processor reviews is intended for folks looking to buy their very first food processor and need help making a sound choice among the many different options available.

Several years ago I owned the Cuisinart DLC-5 food processor (this model is now discontinued). Paid about $100 for it. I must admit that I didn’t do much with it except to grate coconut with. I didn’t do any kind of research before I bought it. If I remember correctly, I bought it because it was on sale.

This time around though, I intend to do a thorough research before I buy. And I will be sharing that research with you through the pages of The Food Chopper.

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Here’s what you can expect from The Food Chopper:

1. Detailed food processor reviews
2. Buying tips and advice
3. Comparison of the different types of food processors
4. The best food processors in different price ranges

Rest assured that I’ll make shopping for your new or replacement food processor as painless as possible.

Obviously I cannot buy and test every single one of the food processors I’ll be reviewing. But my promise to you us that you’ll get the full story on each one of them based on my extensive research and user reviews.

My goal here at The Food Chopper is to equip you with everything you need to make the best choice for your needs and budget.

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