Bench Scrapers: They’re Actually a Cooking Tool

bench scrapers cooking tool

Bench scrapers sound as though they belong in the wood shop, not the kitchen. These handy devices are actually quite useful in a variety of ways, helping to complete tasks around your kitchen with a little extra ease.

What is a bench scraper?

A bench scraper is a thin, handheld tool, often made of plastic or metal. Bench scrapers are designed to help move, separate, sort, and collect your ingredients, as a type of extension to your hand.

These tools re designed to be lightweight, and make the management of otherwise messy or sticky items a tad more manageable. They can also be useful for cleanup.

How would I use a bench scraper?

Using a bench scraper is simple: grab the tool, and utilize the thin and wide blade to separate, sort, push, collect, or otherwise move food around your workspace.

Instead of using your hands or fingers to attempt to separate ingredients from each other, to slide items from a chopping board into a pan, or even to complete tasks like helping to form a bread dough, bench scrapers are incredibly useful.

Their basic, simple design means that the possibilities are truly endless. They might be a good early chopping tool for soft objects like boiled eggs, when getting kids involved in the kitchen.

Many utilize bench scrapers as a rough knife, like when dividing bread dough into two loaves, while others utilize the flat edge to help with removing excess frosting from a cake.

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From helping to lift and move ingredients into their proper places, avoiding contact with cold doughs, or helping to sweep flour or crumbs off the edge of a counter and towards the trash, this versatile tool is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

What type of bench scraper should I buy?

That depends on your needs!

There are quite a few varieties of bench scrapers, ranging from hard plastic and flexible silicone, to a thin, metal scraper which has a bit more cutting power behind the blade.

Look for a model which will feel comfortable and useful in your hand, as well as considering the ways you might use the scraper during your regular cooking activities.

Softer edges on scrapers are good for delicate tasks, strong plastic scrapers are great due to their light weight and durability, and metal tools are generally strong, thin, and often have a wooden handle as well as a blade somewhat akin to a dull knife.

Bench scrapers are generally inexpensive, allowing you to own a few different types, perfect for all the different tasks around your kitchen.

Do you have any recommendations?

Yes! Here are our top three favorite bench scrapers, by type.

Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Bench Scraper And Chopper

Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Bench Scraper And Chopper

This metal bench scraper has a sturdy plastic grip, and a ruler etched into the tip of the blade, which is perfect for helping with precision tasks.

Multipurpose Dough And Bowl ScrapersMultipurpose Dough And Bowl Scrapers

These plastic bench scrapers come in a pack of four, and are equipped for a variety of tasks.

Silicone Pastry Bench Dough And Bowl ScraperSilicone Pastry Bench Dough And Bowl Scraper

These silicone bench scrapers are designed to scoop and scrape with ease, letting the silicone tips change shape to scoop up every last drop and crumb.

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