The Veggie Spiral Slicer: How to Turn Healthy Everyday Veggies Into Tasty Veggie Noodles [Infographic]


veggie spiral slicer

Pasta with a twist

Almost everyone loves pasta but with the growing consciousness over too many carbs, some people have tried to stay away from the noodles. But today I have some good news for you. Someone figured out a way to turn healthy vegetables into delicious pasta. Enter the veggie spiral slicer.

Almost any vegetable can be used to make pasta, but the best ones are firm and long. All kinds of creative names have been assigned to these veggie noodles. Boodles, Poodles, Toodles and Coodles. Named for broccoli, parsnip, turnips, and carrots respectively.
It’s good for

Veggie pasta is an awesome gluten-free alternative for easing up on the carbs found in noodles. In addition, they are also much healthier for you.

Vitamin A – great for the eyes, the inflammatory system and the immune system
Vitamin C – this is a powerful antioxidant that helps both the skin and bones
Vitamin E – Protects against many forms of heart disease
Vitamin K – helps both the blood and your bones
Fiber – this is important for cardiovascular health and

Unfortunately, you can’t find any of these nutrients in traditional pasta noodles.

Which veggie spiral slicer is right for you?

So now that you’re thinking about the health benefits of veggie noodles, let’s look at which vegetable noodle maker is right for you.

Screw Spiralizer – This is the smallest of the three vegetable spiralizers on the market today. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t take up a lot of room. However, it isn’t very sturdy and you don’t have a lot of options of pasta shapes to choose from.

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Hand-held Spiralizer – This is reasonably priced, relatively small and comes with different blades. The down sides to it are it’s hard to use with bigger vegetables and you often waste some of the produce.

Counter top Spiralizer – This is the biggest they make. It has a spinning handle that slices the veggies. It is both easy to use and durable. The cons are that it isn’t cheap and you will lose counter space.

Change the rules

Spiralled veggies are simple to cook, but certain vegetables need to be handled differently first. If they have a lot of water in them like zucchini, you will need to dry them off first.

Cooking times will vary, but if you are running short on time, you can always eat them raw as well.

So, maybe you are looking to change things up a little in the kitchen, or you just want to try a healthier alternative. You should check out a vegetable spiralizer for yourself.

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