Unique Kitchen Gadgets to Get The Foodie in Your Family

unique kitchen gadgets for foodies

Here come the holidays again. As you make your list and check it twice, you’re bound to find a few people that stump you. What do you get for them? If one of them is a foodie who you’ll find concocting delightful recipes in the kitchen every day, then something for the kitchen is in order.

Don’t settle for those ordinary kitchen gadgets though. That foodie has everything to make an 8-course meal already. What your favorite foodie needs is something totally unusual, and boy do we have some suggestions for you!

1. Nuovoware Food-Grade Silicone Egg Separator

This adorable egg separator is ideal for any baker, making it quick and easy to separate the yolk from the white. You can even use it with one hand. Plus, if there are any kids that love helping out in the kitchen, they’ll be excited to use this tool.

Clean up is easy-peasy too since you can just pop it in the dishwasher.

2. KitchenArt Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

Now measuring out spices is a snap with this cool carousel of spices. There are 12 removable compartments to contain your chef’s favorite spices. It’s completely customizable too with 55 spice labels unlike other all-inclusive spice racks that give you herbs and spices you don’t often use.

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It can be mounted onto a shelf or under a cabinet for easy access when whipping up deliciousness in the kitchen.

3. Cat Lover’s Kitty Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Do you have a foodie that also loves cats? You’re in luck with this cat-shaped ice cube tray! It’s made from bendable BPA-free silicone so you can get the cubes out easily. It can make 9 cat-shaped cubes at a time, each kitty cube a different shape. How purr-fect!

4. Cake Shapers by MiTBA

Baking in any shape is a total snap, literally, with these Cake Shapers! Made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone, these flexible strips can connect together in any shape you dream of. They eliminate the kitchen clutter of all those shaped baking dishes.

So you can bake up cakes and cupcakes as well as bread, pizza, tarts, pies, or anything else you wish. The shape possibilities are endless too from hearts to letters and everything in between!

5. LJDJ Cob Corn Stripper

Now this gift is a little corny. No really! It’s for stripping corn clean off the cob. It makes the process of getting corn kernels off the cob and into your favorite soups, stews and dishes take just seconds. Maybe it’s not such a corny idea after all!

6. Monkey Unicycle Pizza Wheel

And now for the foodie that loves pizza. They may already have a pizza wheel, but we can guarantee they don’t have one that features a monkey riding on a unicycle to slice up their pizza pies!

7. Butter Knife Magic for Spreadable Butter Ribbons

We can pretty much guarantee that your foodie doesn’t already have this cool and unusual kitchen gadget. It’s a spreader that works on cold butter. You can slice it into ribbons for beautiful presentation at holiday meals or to add a touch of elegance to any toast.

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Make ribbons, thin slices or curls of cold butter in seconds.

Plus, you can also use it on cheese or chocolate!

8. Best Utensils Stainless Steel Ravioli Mold

Making ravioli, dumplings and cutting pastry dough is really time-consuming. Now you can help your home-cook give you the tasty delights you wish to be eating by making it easier for them to make these types of things.

Even pierogies are a total snap!

Just put in the wrap and the filling and voila! It’s a done deal!

9. Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan

Finally, you can make 3 different types of recipes in one pan! It can be used for lasagna or any meal to make in one pan for easy clean-up.

What a bright idea!

10. Herb Saver

Nothing is more disappointing than making a recipe and reaching for your fresh herbs only to find they’ve gone brown and wilted. This herb saver allows you to keep those fresh herbs completely fresh for 3 times longer!

No more wasted herbs!

11. Chuboos Vegetable Cutter

This is for the foodie with picky children. These adorable vegetable cutters come in shapes of animals. The set includes vegetable cutters that turn vegetables into a cat, dog, pig, elephant and more.

Now getting kids to eat vegetables is easy and fun.

Plus, it makes for a great theme for parties!

12. Pastasaurus Pasta Server

Now serving pasta can be a roaring good time with this Pastasaurus! It makes for a fun gift for younger foodies and dinosaur-lovers alike. No matter how old you are, serving pasta with this dinosaur-shaped pasta server will make the meal even more fun!

13. Taco Stand Up Holders

Make Taco Tuesday even better with this taco stand up holders. No more tipped over tacos that spill out all the goods everywhere.

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Plating and serving tacos is easier than ever.

14. Cherry Pitter Tool

Spitting out cherry or olive pits is such a drag. But with this unique kitchen tool, pits will be a thing of the past. It easily takes the pits out of fresh olives and cherries without squishing them.

It’s a must-have for parents that want to give olives and cherries to small children without fear of choking.

15. Plastic Whale Fruits Cake Salad Fork Kitchen Table Decoration

And finally, we’ll end this fun with this totally oddball idea, but we love it. When you’re having a whale of a time with your guests, you will love this table decoration that looks like a whale blowing water out of its blowhole.

The blowhole contains tiny reusable plastic forks that are great for cheeses, fruits and other small snack items.

Time to put these on your Christmas shopping list!

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