The Different Types of Cutlery Kitchen Knives And How to Use Them [Infographic]


cutlery kitchen knives

Go into any kitchen and chances are you will find some knives. Cutlery Kitchen knives are like any other tool that you may own. For every job, there is a specific tool meant to perform the task.

All knives are pretty much constructed the same way. You have a blade and you have a handle. Higher quality knives will feature the steel running all the way through the handle. This is known as a “full tang.”

The handle should be easy to grip and comfortable to the hand. For health reasons, it shouldn’t be porous and you will want something durable as well, since they often take a beating.

The quality of the steel is equally important since lower quality steel typically doesn’t hold an edge very well. This is dangerous, because you are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife rather than a sharp one, since you have to struggle with it more.

Types of Cooking Knives

Let’s take a look at some kitchen knives that you should have in your cutlery arsenal.

Chef Knife – These typically range anywhere from 6-14 inches. They are very versatile, allowing the users to chop, dice, mince and slice. They are also a favorite among Western chefs.

Utility Knife – This knife can be used for almost anything. They are great for sandwiches because you can do everything from cut the bread and meat, to spread the mustard, without having to do extra dishes.

Kitchen Knife – This blade usually runs from 6-8 inches in length and can be used for fruits, meats, or vegetables with equal ease.

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Santoku Knife – Great for making thin cuts, scooping, or mincing because of the slight curve at the top of the blade, the blade is also thinner than many of the traditional western knives.

Slicing Knife – These knives are longer than most of the other cutlery in your block. They can range in length anywhere from 14-18 inches in length allowing for easy slicing of roasts, or loaves of bread.

Paring Knife – This little guy is great for slicing fruits and vegetables. They also come in handy for removing eyes from potatoes and coring fruit.

Filet Knife – As the name implies, this tool is primarily used for filleting. The blade is flexible and usually ranges from 4-7 inches in length. In addition to filleting, this knife is also useful for trimming fat and removing cartilage.

Cleaver – This is the workhorse, and can be used to chop through almost anything. It features a wide rectangular blade that can go through bones with ease. It’s also great for crushing up garlic.

Bread Knife – This is meant for slicing bread and usually has a blade running anywhere from 8-10 inches.

So there you have it. These are pretty much the knives you want to have in your kitchen if you do a fair amount of cooking. Why not visit to view a wide range of kitchen knives and upgrade your collection!

Good cutlery can be expensive, but consider it an investment that you will treasure and use almost everyday for the rest of your life.

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