Spiralizer Veggie Slicer vs Vegetable Mandolin Slicer: How to Handle Your Veggies Like An Expert

spiralizer veggie slicer vs a vegetable mandolin slicer

A spiralizer veggie slicer vs a vegetable mandolin slicer is an interesting decision to ponder. Both can be major time savers and help even the most inexperienced of cooks to produce uniform cuts, ensuring that food will cook evenly.

But the two types of slicers are entirely different and you’ll want to consider your personal needs, budget and storage space as you decide which one will best suit your kitchen.

The spiral vegetable cutter

A spiral cutter, as its name suggests, allows you to make long, spiral shapes out of harder vegetables like carrots, squash and zucchini. Because some of these ribbon cuts can be quite long, this offers vegetarians or anyone the possibility of using these veggie “noodles” as an alternative to more traditional pasta.

Some models are hand operated while the higher end ones are electric and feature a large assortment of attachments and sizes, including angel hair, linguini and spaghetti.

Two of the primary concerns for home cooks when weighing a spiralizer veggie slicer or a vegetable mandolin slicer are space and cost. Spiral cutters tend to be big and bulky and will need more storage space than the smaller, hand-held mandolins.

Also, spiral cutters are generally more expensive, starting at around $25 and ranging up to several hundred dollars for the most high-end models.

Mandolins: A Sleeker Option

Mandolins are lightweight, handheld slicers that allow a cook to accomplish complicated and time-intensive cuts quickly and easily. With a variety of blades, mandolins can produce everything from juliennes to fine slices in much less time than it would take with a standard knife.

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And more importantly, it is far easier to keep your cuts uniform with a mandolin, which means even cooking time for every component of your dish.

One of the big factors in the choice between a spiral food slicer and mandoline food slicer is the potential for injury. This is a very real concern with mandolins, which have extremely sharp blades. This is why most brands will include safety features such as a hand guard for slicing and blade covers for storage.

You can also purchase a mesh glove that will prevent your hand from being cut while using your mandolin.

Because they are smaller and handheld, mandolins are generally easier to use and clean up is a snap. They are also less expensive, ranging from $15 up to a couple of hundred, depending on the quality of the tool. If you are interested in making a lot of cuts quickly and don’t want to invest in large, expensive pieces of equipment that take up a lot of room, then a mandolin may be right for you.

Choose Your Cut

It all boils down to what kind of cutting you need to do and what your level of skill is. The choice of a spiralizer veggie slicer or a vegetable mandolin slicer is one that deserves a lot of careful thought before you start investing money in any tool.

You want to be sure that you don’t buy something and have it end up gathering dust in the back of a cupboard or drawer. So do your homework, check out all of the available options and consider what you want to accomplish. You should be able to find a slicer that fits your needs and takes the headache out of food prep, no matter what you’re making.

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