Monthly Food Delivery Gifts For The Busy Paleo Dieters on Your List

monthly food delivery gifts

Monthly food delivery gifts are all the rage, especially for folks whose busy schedules don’t allow them time to shop and prep their meals. They can also be a real lifesaver for people who are following a particular lifestyle such as bodybuilding. In fact, bodybuilding meal delivery services are more popular than most meal delivery services, often because they allow the dieter to save time and feel great while eating meals customised uniquely for them.

This new trend, which basically takes things back to the Paleolithic period, eating only foods that were available at that time, has become extremely popular and there are programs geared specifically toward followers of the Paleo diet.

Here are a few:

1. Paleo On The Go

This handy service provides meals anywhere in the U.S with guaranteed overnight delivery. All meals are guaranteed 100% Paleo and cover a variety of foods, from breakfast to dinner and even desserts. They also offer a special Autoimmune Protocol menu for individuals with autoimmune conditions and the food sensitivities that go with them.

They can be found at

2. Butcher Box

A company that focuses on providing healthy, antibiotic and hormone free beef, chicken and pork, this is a great way for Paleo dieters to get the protein they need without any additives. All of Butcher Box’s meat is guaranteed organic. The beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished, chicken is free range and pork is humanely raised heritage breed. It comes in boxes containing 7-10 lbs of meat and there is free shipping on all orders within the contiguous 48 states.

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You can find them at

3. Bestowed

This is a service that sends you packages each month containing nutritionist approved snacks, beverages and personal care items. Bestowed stands out among monthly food delivery gifts because all items are carefully hand selected and reviewed by certified nutritionists so that you know you are getting only all-natural products.

Check out their offerings at

4. Kettle & Fire

A family owned business, Kettle & Fire produces bone broth made exclusively from the bones of 100% grass-fed, pasture–raised cattle that are guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free. What truly sets Kettle & Fire apart is that they draw their broth only from specific bones, including the patella, knuckle, femur, neck and foot bones, which have the highest concentration of white and red stem-cell marrow and very high levels of collagen, making them exceptionally good for you.

Their subscription service allows you to get monthly deliveries of Kettle & Fire bone broth direct to your door.

Check out what they have to offer at

5. Pre-Made Paleo

This unique service is one of the better monthly food delivery gifts for Paleo dieters as it allows you to create your own meal plans and then have all-natural, Paleo inspired meals delivered straight to your door. All meals are created and prepared by trained chefs and they arrive packed in a cooler to preserve freshness so you don’t have to be at home when the delivery occurs.

To see their full selection, go to

6. Factor 75

This service features a full menu of pre-made meals to choose from. They include not only breakfast, lunch and dinner options but also snacks, sides and even dairy free and vegetarian options. All meals are delivered to your door in insulated boxes, ready to heat and eat. And even the packaging is eco-friendly!

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You can see their menu choices at

So there you have 6 great delivery gift choices for the Paleo dieter in your life. Check them all out today and see which one you think will appeal to him or her the most!

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