Mandoline v Slicer vs Straight Blade: Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

mandoline v slicer vs straight blade

Deciding between a mandoline v slicer vs straight blade slicer can be difficult for some cooks, but it all comes down to what kind of slicing you need to do on a regular basis and what you feel comfortable with.

Both types of mandoline offer a smooth, flat surface, hand guard for safety and a razor sharp blade to provide even, uniform slices for all sorts of vegetables, from potatoes to fennel to everything in between. The difference between the two types is really subtle and may only matter to the most highly trained chefs.

To V or Not to V?

As its name implies, a mandolin v slicer has a v shaped blade. This allows for two separate diagonal surfaces to push food across, making it easier to get even slices every time, even with the most delicate of foods.

While it is possible to produce even, paper thin slices on a standard straight blade slicer, it can be trickier for cooks who aren’t used to using a mandoline or who don’t have the surest hands.

Because mandoline blades are so very sharp, using one can be very dangerous and if you don’t apply even pressure or if your hands shake, that could end up spelling disaster.

When considering a mandoline v slicer or a straight blade, a v blade can help to mitigate this a bit by increasing the overall cutting surface, but it is still extremely sharp and you need to exercise particular caution in order to avoid injury.

Advantages of a Straight Blade

The straight blade mandoline is the more traditional model and the one that most professional chefs use because they feel it gives them more variety, as most straight blade slicers feature changeable blades to allow for different types of cuts.

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Since the average home chef really only needs simple, thin slices, having the extra blades isn’t much of a draw. Also, as these blades are very sharp, changing them can be dangerous so you’re better off forgoing this route unless you absolutely need to.

That being said, in the debate between mandoline v slicer vs straight blade, a strong case can be made for the convenience, flexibility and time saving characteristics of the straight blade.

There are some models that are sleek and easy to store and which feature functional hand guards to prevent any injury. If you can handle one of these comfortably, then it can be a real asset in the kitchen.

So What To Choose?

Really, the ultimate choice comes down to personal taste. If you’re looking to produce piles of paper thin, evenly cut veggies you can use either style of slicer.

If you want some more creative cuts, such as slicing potatoes into French fries, then a straight blade slicer with interchangeable blades is probably the best choice for you. It will also depend on your individual skill level and how comfortable you feel working with a mandoline at all.

When you get right down to it, considering the mandoline v slicer vs a straight blade, both are quality tools for any good chef to have in their kitchen. There are many brands available, in different sizes and with variations in grip, blades and hand guards.

Because this is such an important and dangerous piece of equipment you want to do your homework carefully before making your choice and be sure to get the type of slicer you feel most comfortable with.

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