Learn to Cook Like a Pro With Video-based Online Culinary Classes

Learn to Cook Like a Pro

Master The Culinary Skills You Need to Turn Out Delicious And Impressive Meals

Learning to cook can sometimes feel daunting especially if you have never really done more than boil water for spaghetti or pour milk over cold cereal. Thankfully, the internet has made it easier than ever to master culinary skills and make delicious and impressive meals.

Whether you want to cook a dinner that will impress your significant other for your anniversary or you want to make yourself amazing lunches to take to the office, video-based online cooking classes can help you hone your skills and learn all you need to cook amazing healthy recipes at home.

Why Learning to Cook Is Important

Learning to cook is an important skill that we should all work to develop. Cooking for someone can show them how much you care about them and putting that much work into food to share with people can be rewarding and exciting. When you learn how to master a specific knife skill or successfully reduce a sauce, there is a tangible thrill that goes through you.

Learning even basic cooking techniques has a lot of health and financial benefits as well. When you hone your cooking skills, you’ll spend less time going out to eat food or buying a lot of packaged foods. This saves you money and can help you maintain a healthier life. When you cook at home, you know exactly what is going into your food.

You use less salt, make sure that you are adding a veggie in with every meal, and eat smaller portions. All of these things have a positive impact on your health. After a few weeks of cooking at home, you will most likely notice that you feel better, you have more money in the bank, and you might even start to lose weight.

Learning to Cook Online With Video-based Culinary Courses

Before the internet, learning to cook was limited to cookbooks and classes at the local chefs’ school. Now cooking skills and knowledge are only a click away. There are a ton of online cooking classes with detailed lessons and videos that can help you hone your cooking skills and learn new cooking methods and techniques.

To make it easier for you, we went ahead and picked six of our favorite online cooking courses that can get you cooking like a pro and on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

1. Panna – Panna is an online culinary school that has been featured in The New York Times, Epicurious, and more. Panna is different from many online programs in that not only do the information videos show you how to cook, they explain why certain cooking methods are used and what they do to the food.

This helps you get into the mind of a chef and can give you the cooking skills you need to cook all sorts of different foods. With over 300 recipes to choose from, you will never feel like you are cooking the same thing over and over.

Panna also has a selection of cooking videos that can be bought in packages. From bread baking to cooking Italian food, you can purchase these sets of 6 courses for just $19.99 if you want a crash course on a certain style of food. Panna offers all new users a 30-day free trial, so go check it out!

2. Smart Kitchen – Smart Kitchen is an online course that has a more traditional cooking education method. Using a collection of lectures, videos, and practical application hands-on lessons, Smart Kitchen works you through over 400 cooking courses.

By starting with 250 basic techniques, new cooks learn the foundational skills they need to cook successfully. After mastering those, they can work up through the intermediate and then the master courses.

By taking a systematic step by step approach, Smart Kitchen takes the traditional educational principles of cooking schools and puts them into a format fit for the digital world. For only $9.99 a month, you get access to all the courses, recipes, and guidance that can have you cooking healthier and delicious dishes in no time.

3. The Great Courses – Known by many as the platform for online learning, The Great Courses has an impressive selection of cooking classes. From learning how to cook Mediterranean food to baking and cooking with vegetables, there is a course for every interest and skill level on The Great Courses.

These courses combine text, video, and practical application to make a well-rounded and immersive educational program that builds the skills you need to cook how you want.

Because you can pick and choose what courses you want to take, you don’t have to worry about paying for classes you will never use. Most courses start at $54.95 but the price varies course by course.

4. ChefSteps – ChefSteps was designed by a Seattle-based team that wanted to marry food with technology to help people cook better and smarter. With ChefSteps, the courses not only teach you to cook, they also help you learn more about your food so you can use it better.

From learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee and making sushi to learning which cuts of meat are the most tender, ChefSteps takes food education one step further by connecting you to your food through technology. With their extensive library our courses available for just $39, you will be on your way to cooking like a pro in no time.

5. Rouxbe – Rouxbe Cooking School is designed to help chefs of all skill levels. From home cooks to professionals, there is a course system built for you. By teaching foundational skills first, Rouxbe helps home cooks perfect their skills so they can create amazing and delicious dishes.

They offer both skills videos and recipe videos, so you can choose how you want your cooking education to look. If you want to work on basics, Rouxbe is a great option.

6. America’s Test Kitchen – The courses designed by America’s Test Kitchen focus on the recipes. By walking you through the hows and the whys of what goes into making a type of food, these courses build the foundational skills in the midst of teaching how to make a recipe.

There are over 230 recipes to choose from and all have video guidance from expert chefs. There are recipes for every skill level, so you don’t have to worry about something being too advanced.

Thanks to these online culinary classes, you can learn how to cook delicious and impressive homemade meals. Not only will you have the pleasure of learning a new skill, you will also save money and get healthier because of it.

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