I Just Need a Small Food Processor. Right?


small food processor

Food processors designed for the home come in a wide range of sizes – from about 3 cups to 16 cups. How do you decide – as if you were the Goldilocks of food processors – which machine is just the right size, not too big or not too small? Why, ask a few questions of yourself – like the following.

Are there only one or two people in your home?

If you are part of a one-person or two-person household, and you have no plans to expand in numbers, you could make do with a small food processor – say, from a 3-cup to 7-cup volume. You will be able to chop, cut and grate what you need to in single batches.

Though, if you entertain…

If you like to entertain, you should go shopping in the larger aisle that has food processors of at least 10 cups. Why? You will not want to do batches of pasta sauce on a Saturday when you could be doing one. And so on.

Or if you are a planner…

Secondly, if you like to cook large amounts of food and then freeze it for the future, the same advice applies. The task of slicing up summer strawberries for freezing is breezily easily with a large food processor.

Do you have three or more people in your family?

If you have three or more people in your family, you will benefit from a food processor that can take in at least ten cups in volume. Remember, though you can run food through a processor in batches, sauces, doughs and more elaborate tasks are better done in a single shot. Seriously.

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Are you into cooking? Or do you plan to be?

Even if you are single or live with just one other person, if you are adventurous in the kitchen, you are likely to appreciate the flexibility a larger food processor – say 10-cups in volume or more. Why? You might get into making fabulous bread dough with your food processor, and this is easier to do with a larger bowl. Or you might decide that Sunday is a super day for making ravioli to stuff with mushrooms.

Are you not into cooking, baking or entertaining?

If you do not plan to expand your culinary skills, enjoy simple meals, are one or two in number in your household and know that you will never make so much as a pizza crust – if absolutely know this about yourself – you could make do with any size of food processor that is 7 cups of below.

A closing word…
Beware the food processor, of any size, that has a slender feeding tube. A large feeding tube, simply put, means less cutting and chopping for you. You really don’t want to buy a food processor that has a slender tube that forces you to slice off bits of vegetables or fruit so that they fit into said tube.



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