Julienne Peeler vs a Spiralizer: Which to Choose For Your Kitchen

julienne peeler vs spiralizer

Choosing a julienne peeler vs a spiralizer may not seem like a major decision, but as the old adage goes, a chef is only as good as his tools. One of the most important parts of any cooking job is making sure you have the right tools to work with and know how to use them properly.

With that in mind, choosing the right type of slicer for vegetables can actually make a big difference. Here’s what to look for in each so you can decide which is right for your kitchen.

Julienne Peelers Can Come In Handy

All spiral slicers have one thing in common: giving you the ability to quickly and easily cut vegetables into long, thin, noodle like shapes. This can add some drama to any dish and, most importantly for mothers of small children, can also add a fun element that makes children more interested in eating their fruit and veggies. When you’re dealing with finicky eaters, the importance of this can not be over emphasized.

In terms of a julienne peeler or a spiralizer, the main difference is size. A julienne peeler is a hand held tool that allows you to slice vegetables more accurately and more quickly than you can with a standard knife. Most models feature a handle with a good grip so that you don’t slip and cut yourself while working and a sharp blade for making the precise cuts you want.

While this type of peeler is relatively inexpensive and easy to store (and many models even come with a safety cover to prevent accidents with the blade while stored), they are not without their drawbacks.

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The biggest issue with the handheld approach is that while it may improve prep time over a traditional knife, it is still time consuming and it may take you a while just to produce a single serving. If you need to produce a large quantity or want to prep a lot ahead of time and store for future use, this is not the ideal method.

The Spiralizer: Vegetable Peeling Gone High Tech

Once the limitations of the julienne peeler became apparent, kitchen inventors decided to come up with a more efficient method of spiral slicing and the spiralizer was born. Now we have a legitimate comparison between a spiralizer and a julienne peeler, and it’s easy to see why the spiralizer has the advantage. It’s all about the speed.

Unlike the smaller, hand-held slicers, spiralizers are generally counter mounted and usually feature a series of blades, allowing you to vary the thickness and even shape of your cuts. They are easy to use with a crank that you simply turn to spiral cut the vegetables that you feed into the machine.

Because it is larger and can handle a bigger quantity of vegetables or fruit, the spiralizer is the best choice for producing in quantity. Within a matter of minutes you can produce a week’s worth of spiral cut veggies that you can store and use in your meals.

So Which To Choose?

The ultimate choice of a julienne peeler vs a spiralizer comes down to your specific needs. How much do you need to produce and in what amount of time. If you can get by with a small amount and have limited storage space, then the julienne peeler will probably suffice, but if you need to do a lot of work in a short amount of time, then it’s well worth your while to invest in a counter-mounted spiralizer. Remember, whichever way you go the ultimate goal is to get your family eating healthy meals!

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