Gift Ideas For Vegetarians: 6 Essential Kitchen Tools For The Vegetarian Cook in Your Life

gift ideas for vegetarians

Coming up with gift ideas for vegetarians can be a bit of a challenge, but it helps if you realize that they aren’t all that different from traditional chefs. They still have to clean, prep and cook their meals just like anyone else. In order to make that job easier for the vegetarian chef, here are a few ideas that would be a real asset to any kitchen:

1. Vegetable peelers

These are common gadgets that come in a range of shapes and sizes, but when you are cooking primarily vegetables, having a really good peeler takes on a whole new meaning. Kuhn Rikon makes a set of three peelers with plastic handles that are lightweight, easy to handle and very sharp, making the whole peeling process that much easier.

2. Pressure Cookers

When it comes to gift ideas for vegetarians, nothing can beat a pressure cooker. Beans are a staple of many vegetarian diets and a pressure cooker can cut the entire cooking process down dramatically. You can find several good quality pressure cookers at affordable prices, so this is one kitchen gift that doesn’t have to break the bank.

3. Salad Spinners

Of course when most people think of vegetarian diets the first thing that comes to their mind is salad, lots and lots of salad. That’s actually true, most vegetarians eat quite a lot of salad on a regular basis and having a good quality salad spinner can be a real help. These handy gadgets allow you to spin the excess moisture out of your greens so that salads are fresh and flavorful every time.

4. Chef’s Knife

Most people connect chef’s knives with butchering meat, but a good quality knife is just as important for slicing and dicing vegetables and fruit. You can find guides online that help you decide which is the best knife to purchase for a specific job, but generally speaking most vegetarian chefs prefer something light and comfortable to work with.

5. Woks and Bamboo Steamers

In terms of gift ideas for vegetarians these two usually go hand in hand. Stir fry is a wonderful way to serve vegetables and a good wok is essential for producing stir fry meals. Add a bamboo steamer insert and you can widen your cooking horizons even more, giving the vegetarian cook that many more options.

6. Mandoline Slicers

Again, cutting and prepping vegetables can be time consuming and one of the biggest headaches for any vegetarian chef. Having a good mandoline slicer can make all the difference, allowing for nice, even slices every time, in almost no time at all. Like the knives, there are many different brands of mandoline and you’ll want to find one that best suits the needs of your vegetarian chef.

The vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and as a result, many manufacturers are designing cookware, gadgets and utensils specifically for vegetarian chefs. No longer are vegetarians looked at as the odd ducks and that means shopping for them is now easier than ever.

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These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg as far as gift ideas for vegetarians…there is plenty more out there as long as you know where to look. So don’t feel lost when it comes to shopping for the vegetarian cook in your life; do your homework and you can find the perfect gift!

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