How to Buy The Best Food Processor for Raw Food Diet

food processor for raw food diet

The raw food diet is unquestionably a healthy one: You eat no food that has been cooked, no food that is hotter than 118 degrees. As most meats and fish must be cooked, the raw food diet is largely a vegetarian diet.

Raw food dieters eat an array of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains and, perhaps, unpasteurized dairy products like yogurt.

If you are like most North Americans, adopting the raw food diet will mean making some fundamental changes to the way to eat – and the way that you prepare your food.

Life on the raw food diet is easier in some ways; just imagine not having to haul out your pots and pans as you get ready to cook dinner. Your stove and oven will stand aside to make way for your food processor. If you have made the decision to go raw, you will need a stand-up food processor. Your food processor will totally be your new best friend.

Buy a food processor that kneads dough

As you move further in your raw food diet, you will be regularly making raw pie crust, raw cookie dough and – yes – raw pizza dough. When shopping for your new food processor, you will notice that some processors do not have a kneading attachment, don’t buy one of these.

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Buy a machine that has a heavy base

Raw food is more difficult to process than soft, cooked food, this means that you need a unit that will sit firmly on your kitchen counter or table as it works hard. A food processor with a heavy, large base will not jump around as it processes knotty parsnips or stringy lemongrass.

Buy one that has serrated blades

The blades of your new food processor will have to be kept quite sharp if they are to easily process hard vegetables a few times every day. You should know that blades that are slightly serrated stay sharper longer than straight blades. One caveat; if you do not mind regularly sharpening your blades, you can buy straight-edged blades.

Buy a unit that has a wide feeding tube

The raw food diet demands that you process a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. If the food processor that you choose has a small feeding tube, you will have to spend a lot of time chopping up food before pushing it through said feeding tube. (If you are totally into chopping, a small feeding tube will do.)

Buy a model that has a large bowl

Food processors come in different sizes; smaller processors can deal with up to 7 cups of food at one time, larger processors can deal with up to 11 cups or more of food at one time. Consider buying a machine with a large bowl. Why? When you find a fabulous raw food recipe, you’ll want to make enough for leftovers – and you won’t want to be forced to process your food in small batches.

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Buy a food processor that has a strong motor

You will need a machine that has a strong motor; it is the motor that powers the processing of all of the raw food you will be eating. As you compare food processors, you will see that their motors have horse power or hp ratings – look for the highest rating you can afford.

Buy a food processor that works quietly

The raw food diet demands heavy use of your food processor; in the morning, at noon and at night. If you choose one that is unpleasantly loud, chances are that you will eventually dread turning it on. A quiet model makes for a much more pleasant experience.

Take a deep breath; shop around

Most of us are very busy people. We tend to shop quickly, happily clutching our purchases as we race home. Why not take some time to decide which one will help you succeed in your raw food diet adventure? One think that could help you is making sure you have a good sleep routine. One way to do this is by getting yourself a good memory foam mattress. The raw diet will be the key to keeping you healthy, but there is more to life then just food. Think of it this way. You are, at least temporarily, trading in your pots, pans and stove for other tools – like your new food processor. Make sure that the product you choose has all of the features that will make processing raw food of all kinds easy. But with any diet, its always important to have some exercise as well. My friend takes Tennis Lessons Baltimore, she tells me it helps so much with her diet and she is seeing some great results because of it.

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