Make Healthful, Delicious Food For Your Baby – With a Food Processor


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Your baby. How much you love her fat little cheeks and her tiny feet and her perfect nose and…well, all of her. You want to feed her only the healthiest of food – after all, you are responsible for her well being. There is an essential tool that should sit on all kitchen counters of homes where a baby lives: a food processor. Why is this appliance a good choice for preparing food for your baby?


When you and your pediatrician decide that it is time to introduce your wee one to her first food, you are likely to become obsessed with the quest to find the fruit or vegetable she loves most. Will it be the sweet potato puree that she gobbles up or the peaches with a little apple mixed in? Whatever your baby’s tastes, you will want the first foods of her life to be smoothly pureed – without any lumpiness. It is ridiculously easy to accomplish this texture with a food processor.


The one constant in caring for your baby is how she is always changing. She will eat your perfectly pureed homemade food and shortly be ready for new and different textures. Luckily, a food processor can easily produce purees of different textures, leaving in more bits of peach or sweet potato when the time comes.


You may be tempted to buy a specialized appliance that has been designed to make baby food – and baby food only. Sure, there are some such appliances on the market that do a fabulous job, and others that do not, but a food processor is not an appliance that you will pack away when your baby no longer needs her special food. You can use a food processor for countless tasks that will make your cooking adventures easier, not just for feeding your beautiful baby.

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Most moms find that caring for a baby as well as perhaps older children and working and shopping and cooking to be, well, exhausting. Buying several of the sweet potatoes your baby craves and processing them in a big batch allows you to freeze them for use later, saving you some time when you really need it to be saved.


New moms spend lots of time making sure that everything that touches her baby is clean – very, very clean. A high-quality food processor is made of trusted materials that are easily cleaned. You need not worry about the possible contamination of your baby’s food occurring whilst it is being processed.

Making your baby’s food yourself is the only way to ensure that she is being fed natural, organic fruit and vegetables without harmless additives. The happy news is that making baby food is easy to do – if you have a food processor. A food processor will take you through your child’s babyhood, toddlerhood and beyond. Before you know it you will be using it to make your daughter a healthy pizza as she is frantically studying for a chemistry exam. (We know.)

Ok, so now you know that you can you use a food processor to make baby food, here’s the problem: Which one should you buy? There are a whole lot of these machines on the market costing anywhere from $30 all the way up to $600+.

Don’t despair because I’ve got you covered! I recently came across an article from Consumer Reports which lists the best food processors and blenders for making baby food. I’ve reviewed one of the models here. It’s the Breville BFP800XL/A Sous Chef.

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Head over to to the CR website to read the article and get their recommendations.

Best blenders and food processors for baby food

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  1. Really useful article. I am a bit concerned about my baby’s food so I have decided to make it by myself. I have never made baby food and after reading this article, at least I know what products I need to buy, so I can prepare the food and keep it fresh.

    Thank You!


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