How to Find the Food Processor Blender Combo That Works For You


food processor blender combo

If you are just setting up your kitchen, if you have neither a blender or a food processor, you will probably ask yourself this question: Do I need a blender and a food processor? Well, there is a third option: the food processor blender combo.

Let’s look at the positives – and negatives – of the hybrid known as the food processor blender combo.

Two for one?

The danger of buying a product that is actually two products, is that you get lesser versions of each product. What does this mean? It means that in choosing to buy a food processor blender combo, you don’t get the best blender that you could – or the best food processor that you could.

Though there are some excellent food processor blender combos on the market that are of a high quality comparable to individual blenders and food processors.

Are you totally into smoothies? How about soups?

If you like to chop up veggies and fruit and will mainly use your food processor blender combo to make spinach and kale smoothies and pumpkin ginger soups, you should consider buying the best blender that you can afford. That’s it. Why? Blenders are the best kitchen tools at mixing soups, smoothies and other soft foods. If you do not spend lots of time cooking, you probably don’t need a food processor or a food processor blender combo.

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Are you passionate about cooking?

If you like to experiment with new recipes that come from all food cultures, you need great kitchen tools. You either need a blender and a food processor or a combo machine. Why consider the combo?

Convenience of use

The fewer appliances you have to pull out before you try out that new recipe for Mediterranean orzo salad the better. If you hate cleaning up just as much as you love cooking, the food processor combo might be for you. It is just easier to wipe down one machine than two.

Is your kitchen tiny?

If you have a tiny kitchen, and many of us do, the fact that a blender food processor combo will take up less space – when it is being stored and when it is being used, as compared to separate appliances. You can hang your pots and pans from your ceiling but not your blender and your food processor!

Are you into specific brands?

If you are a devotee of specific brands of kitchen products, like KitchenAid, Braun, Cuisinart and so on, it may be that your brand does not make a hybrid food processor blender combo. If this is the case, you must consider just how devoted you are to your favorite brand. If brand loyalty is really important to you, it may be best, for your peace of mind, to buy an individual food processor and blender of the brand you trust.

Be sure to choose a strong motor, whatever appliance you decide on

Whether you are buying a blender, a food processor or a hybrid of the two, pay attention to the horsepower or hp of the product you are considering buying. The quality of the motor is the best predictor of how long your appliance will work the way you want it to.

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The roundup

When making your decision about whether to buy a combo unit, consider all the above. In a nutshell:

  • If your kitchen is tiny, you could save storage space and use less space when cooking with a combo.
  • You can buy a high-quality food processor blender combo. You do not have to worry about ending up with a mediocre product, if you do your homework.
  • If you aren’t really into cooking, but make lots of smoothies and soups, you are best off with a blender.
  • If you are totally not into cleaning but totally into cooking, a food processor blender combo makes for an easier cleanup.
  • If you are a devotee of a company that does not offer a hybrid food processor and blender, you might be best off following your heart.
  • Don’t forget that you want to buy an appliance with a strong motor; check out its horsepower or hp before making your decision.

Happy shopping. And cooking!

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