7 Essential Kitchen Tools That You Need For Raw Food Diets

kitchen tools for a raw food diet

Are you thinking of following the raw food diet since it has so many health benefits? Then that is a great idea, it’s a big lifestyle change that you are about to adopt. With that said, you will want to make sure that you have the right kitchen tools in order to properly prepare your meals so you can to stick to this particular diet.

And sure, you are not going to cook your food while sticking to this lifestyle since you will be preserving nutrients and enzymes. However, you need to prepare meals while you are on this plan properly, and you need to have these seven kitchen tools in order to do that:

1. Cutting Board

Plenty of chefs and cooks get into debates about the type of cutting boards to have in regards to the quality, knife-dulling properties, as well as whether or not they have antibacterial properties as well. The fact of the matter is, you need to have a cutting board if you are adopting the raw food diet.

The cutting board should, however, be made of either wood, rubber, or acrylic material as these are higher quality. Lower-quality boards mean that you will need to dispose of it if they are cut up too much and have to replace it sooner than later as a result.

2. A Knife Set

This kitchen tool is critical to have if you are sticking to the raw food diet as you will be chopping up vegetables, fruits, nuts, and so on. You will be slicing, dicing and removing parts that are non-edible.  You have to have a knife set that comes in different sizes of knives based on the type of foods you are chopping up. Be sure to look for the best quality knife sets around as you want them to last as long as they possibly can since replacing them often can be quite expensive.
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And you want to be sure to save money where you can so that means you don’t want to get the cheapest one around.

3. Food Processor

Yes, you definitely need the knife set and cutting board, but you also need a food processor since you will be having to shred up and cut up foods that are too large and too time-consuming to do on your own. This is why you need a food processor to do that, and you will want to compare food processor reviews when it comes to deciding on the right one to purchase. A food processor is an important item that you need when you are adopting the raw food lifestyle.




4. Blender

If you are making salsas, smoothies, or cold soups, you will want to make sure that you add a blender to the raw food tool mix. And don’t go for the bargain blenders as you will end up having to replace it quickly which will cost more in the end due to the fact it will burn out.

And, bargain blenders also do not have the horsepower to prepare the food the way you want it prepared.

In fact, you will want to get a heavy-duty blender that will do the job for you perfectly. You will be disappointed if you attempt to make a smoothie with a cheap blender because it will not turn out well as it will be too lumpy and not very appealing in any way at all.

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5. Juicer

A blender is necessary to make some types of foods but if you are going into the raw food diet, then you will also want to get into juicing.

A juicer is an important part of this lifestyle as well as you can make some cold soups as well as sauces with a juicer. Just beware that juicers are not always so easy to clean.






6. Burr Based Spice or Coffee Grinder

You are going to want to create your own nut milk so you can put them in drinks, soups, sauces, and more. The only way to do this is by using a Burr based spice or coffee grinder.

However, if you already have a coffee grinder, it is really not a good idea to use the one to make nut milk because it will end up tasting like coffee.

Be sure to invest in another one in order to have the best experience with it which means that you will have the end results of your snacks and meals not ending up taking like coffee!



7. Food Dehydrator

When you are adopting the raw food lifestyle, you also need to add in your kitchen a food dehydrator for two reasons. The first reason is that your ingredients will be preserved when you are dehydrating food. Secondly, dried foods are known to sweeten dishes as well as to help thicken many recipes.
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When you are using dried foods to sweeten foods, you only need to use a small amount of dried food. And it is completely up to you as far as the type of food dehydrator you want to get. It is easy to realize that the less expensive the food dehydrator is, the less of a chance it will last a long time and it will also be noisier when you are working with it.

You can always get one that is somewhere in the middle as far as the price range goes as well, and the quality of it will be good enough.

Now you know which kitchen tools to get if you are adopting the raw food diet. It does not matter if you are an omnivore or a vegan as adopting the raw food diet is a sure way to improve your health. You just want to make sure that the tools you purchase for it to put in your kitchen will make the whole experience pleasant and easy for you.

You can also find many excellent raw food recipes as well to follow. And use the ones that appeal to you the most so you will enjoy this new lifestyle and that means you will have more of a reason to stick with it.

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