Choosing Between a Mandolin Kitchen Slicer vs Food Processor

mandolin food slicer vs food processor

A mandolin kitchen slicer vs a food processor is a choice that has perplexed many a home cook. Once you’ve invested the money in a food processor you probably assume that it’s all you’ll need for food prep, but that’s hardly true.

The key to successful cooking is variety and that comes from using different tools to make different cuts. Having a mandoline handy can make all the difference in the way you cook, so you should never limit your choices. But it’s still important to consider both tools and decide which will work best for you.

The Mandolin Food Slicer: Precision Made Easy

The mandolin is an often misunderstood piece of kitchen equipment. Many home cooks assume it is too difficult or dangerous to master and not worth the effort, so they avoid buying one. While the extremely sharp blade of the mandoline does make it quite dangerous to use, when used properly it can make achieving a wide variety of precise cuts a breeze for even the most unseasoned of cooks.

Essentially a blade set into a flat stand, the mandolin allows you to pass a food item, such as a carrot or onion, over the blade and create uniform slices in a matter of seconds. Some models feature interchangeable blades to allow for different cuts. This makes it handy and its simple design makes it a snap to clean. This is one of the biggest deciding factors in the mandolin food slicer vs food processor debate.

When To Choose A Food Processor

Food processors are larger, more complicated and can allow you to perform a number of functions along with slicing, including chopping, dicing and pureeing. This makes the food processor a versatile tool but it can be difficult to store and time consuming to set up.

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A mandolin can fit easily in a cupboard or drawer and be out and ready to use in literally seconds. Also, a food processor tends to be less precise and harder to control than a mandolin, which makes it less than ideal for achieving precise cuts.

For this reason, most home cooks don’t like to use a food processor for slicing, which requires more finesse. This is key to the question of whether to use a mandoline food slicer or a food processor. It depends entirely on what it is you are trying to do. For making soups or chopping up large items, a food processor can be a life saver, but when it comes to precision and control, most food processors fall far short.

The Bottom Line

So with all that said, where does that leave you in terms of making a choice? It pretty much comes down to what you need or want to do, what kind of storage space you’ve got, and your time constraints.

Remember that food processors are not only more complicated to set up and take apart, they are also much more cumbersome to clean, which is why even when purchased with the best of intentions they often end up staying in the closet and collecting dust.

Of course, when considering a mandolin kitchen slicer vs a food processor, you need to remember that mandolins can be very dangerous and should only be used with the greatest of care to avoid nasty accidents.

But when used properly, they can make the difference between turning out another average meal and producing something that looks professional. Good cooking is all about choosing the right tools, so make sure you weigh all of your options and make the right choice for you.

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3 thoughts on “Choosing Between a Mandolin Kitchen Slicer vs Food Processor”

  1. Not all that that helpful. Too much on safety and cleaning and not enough on the actual slicing and application, i.e.. quantity. If I need to slice 200 apples, which do I use?

    • But they did answer that. It depends on what you are doing. A quick set up and clean up mandolin for a small job. Machine that takes longer to set up and clean for big jobs. If I do any kind of bulk cooking I try to automate as much of the process as possible.

      Seems obvious that you’d want to use the processor. Slicing 200 apples is going to take forever with a mandolin as you need to go slowly and carefully.

  2. I have both, and I can tell you that although my food processor takes up room on my counter, it has hardly ever been used. By contrast my mandoline gets used all the time. I love it!


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