4 Reasons Why You Need The Versatile, Multitasking Chinois Strainer in Your Kitchen


chinois strainerStrainers and sieves are a generally unloved, sometimes forgotten piece of kitchen equipment- until you find a need for one, but there are none to be found!

Most kitchens have a mesh sieve filter of some kind or size, designed to help loosely filter substances, or to shake out things like flour or powdered sugar.

These tools are useful, but there is a product that is a next step up…

… The Chinois Strainer.

Stainless Steel Chinois Mesh Strainer

This strainer is made of a sturdy, ultra fine mesh, and has a number of very practical uses, which might be useful to you and your kitchen. This strainer is formed into a long cone shape as opposed to a wide, dish-shaped object.

This allows for greater precision as well as an increased capacity when using the strainer to filter.

Say goodbye to seeds!

One of the most delightful flavors is that of fresh jam or jelly. On the other hand, one of the biggest problems with making these condiments at home are the pesky seeds left behind, which can feel impossible to strain, fully.

Chinois strainers have a much finer mesh than traditionally used sieves, and can withstand some pressure to separate tiny pesky seeds from the flesh of the berries.

Pick up a Chinois strainer, and welcome in a new season of fresh berries into your world!

Use the juice to make jam, or even use it in sauces, or drinks.

Stocks and Broth

Homemade stock and broth can taste significantly better than store bought. One of the biggest problems with homemade stocks, are the tiny fragments left behind in an otherwise clear liquid.

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Filter out the smallest particles including herbs and spices, to be left behind with some pure, and purely delicious stock.


Who likes lumps!?

Not us!

Use your Chinois to help eliminate the lumps from gravies, sauces, and countless other items which might otherwise be rather lumpy.

It’s a secret used by many professionals, and it’s time you learned about it, too.

Improve textures

Are you looking to improve the texture of items you are cooking or baking? The Chinois is a great tool for that! Utilize the ultra fine mesh to help smooth out some lumpy textures, seeds, and any other item which might prevent your meal from tasting as good as it could.

Pro Tip: There are pestles available to help push through additional items which have collected in your strainer, however it’s wise to be careful when pushing on your foods to filter through, given that some items are bitter or unpleasant when forced through a fine filter.

Do you have a recommendation?

Yes! This model by New Star Food Service has glowing reviews on Amazon, and framework which reinforces the extra fine mesh, to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money.

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