8 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Busy Moms Who Want to Cook Healthy

essential kitchen tools for busy moms

It’s a small miracle that moms manage to get food on the table (and let’s not forget making sure that the dining table and chairs are always ready to be used by family and friends whenever people come for dinner) every night of the week. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or one that logs long and tiring hours at the office, the day can be very draining. It’s tempting to call up for pizza delivery every night, but that’s not exactly healthy or budget-friendly.

So what’s a busy mom to do? She should arm her kitchen arsenal full of the right tools to make short work of a tough job. These must-have kitchen tools for busy moms will make it easy for you or any mom you know who could do with a great and thoughtful gift cook healthy yet delicious meals for the family without breaking a sweat.

1. Slow cooker

The ultimate kitchen tool for the busy mom is a slow cooker. There’s no cooking involved, by you anyway. All you do is toss in your ingredients, set the timer and put the lid on top. A Sunday roast on Wednesday?

Yup! It’s possible.

Just put it in with seasonings and vegetables before running off to work and when you get home, dinner is already ready. How cool is that? We’re pretty fond of this Cuisinart model but truly any slow cooker you choose will be a godsend in your kitchen. You’ll wonder how you ever went this long without one!

2. Food chopper

One of the things that will slow any mom down in the kitchen is cutting and chopping. It’s so time consuming! But if you have a food chopper, you simply put your vegetables, fruits, or even cheeses into it, bring down the top and push and voila! In one swift motion, it chops it all for you.

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This one has two different inserts so you can achieve even finely-chopped pieces if you wish. What will you do with all the free time you have leftover from not having to chop it all by hand?

3. Microwavable rice and pasta cooker

So maybe you can handle all the other cooking tasks in a flash, but waiting for that rice or pasta to finish kills the whole deal. Now you can say goodbye to mismatched timings by using Progressive’s microwavable rice and pasta cooker.

It’s so easy to use and easy to clean too.

Whether you want to serve rice or pasta with dinner, now you can pop it in the microwave and have it come out perfect every time. Or if you’ve got a picky eater who only wants spiral pasta, you can easily microwave him a perfect portion and solve the problem without losing your mind. Genius!

4. Be smart with the Smart Stick

After a while, kitchen gadgets start to pile up, don’t they? And even in your large kitchen, you’ll find you have no room left after storing your food processor, blender, and hand mixer.

Why have so many gadgets though when you can have one that does all of those things and takes up virtually no space? Cuisinart’s Smart Stick is the ideal solution.

It can chop food with the 4-cup food processor. It can blend, and it has a whisk attachment so it can do three different things and interchanges with ease.

So use it to make homemade soups, sauces, smoothies and whatever else you can dream up.

5. Slice and shred shooter

So what if you want to slice up fruits and vegetables or shred them? That food chopper is great for chopping, but when you want slicing what can you turn to?

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This salad shooter and shredder is going to be your new best friend. Now you can’t say you don’t have time to make something healthy or put a salad on the table with every meal. This thing has a one-touch button that takes the work out of food prep.

Imagine prepping for your weekly meals on a Sunday with this tool. You’ll be done in half the time!

6. Wide-slot toaster

You asked, and they answered all at once that they wanted toasted sandwiches. You could stand there feeling like you’re waiting for paint to dry when you toast two slices of bread at a time, or you can get a toaster with four slots to handle it all.

You’ll also want a toaster that has wider slots so you can toast bagels, English muffins or even heartily sliced hunks of artisan bread without getting them lodged in there. It’s so nice not to dread having to toast breads for everyone in the family.

7. Vegetable peeler and corer

Trying to make apple pie or mashed potatoes quickly? It will go by even faster if you get this snazzy vegetable peeler and corer that clamps onto your countertop. You can peel with ease and remove apple cores too for more efficient prep work.

8. Hardboiled egg cooker

Do you struggle with getting hardboiled eggs just right? Or perhaps you just want them right now. Now you can have the best of both worlds. This hardboiled egg cooker takes care of all your egg needs and makes them eggs-actly as you want them from hardboiled to poached.

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You can make up to 6 eggs at once for deviled eggs, throwing in salads, or making egg salad.

These are truly marvelous times that we live in. Imagine trying to cook back in the olden days! We’re lucky moms to have all these wonderful products at our fingertips to make the foods we cook and bake come together quickly. Back in our grandparents’ time, it took hours to make a home-cooked meal. Nowadays, it’s possible to make a full meal from start to finish in just 30 minutes, or even less!

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