10 Useful And Fun Kitchen Gadget Gifts to Delight The People in Your Life Who Love to Cook

fun kitchen gadget gifts

It’s never easy trying to come up with gift ideas, especially when you have a lot of people to shop for and a limited budget. If you have folks in your life who love to cook but hate the hassle of actually doing the prep and cleaning work, you can make their lives easier with some fun kitchen gadget gifts.

There are plenty to choose from but here are ten that pretty much every well stocked kitchen should include:

1. Oven Pulls

This is a really simple idea, but also one that can save a lot of grief and pain. When you need to slide that oven rack out to check on your food or take it out of the oven, traditional oven mitts can be cumbersome and often don’t provide all the protection they should. Rather than relying on them, you could try these handy plastic gadgets that hook onto the wire rack of your oven, letting you pull it out easily without burning your hands.

2. Zipstrip Herb Stripper

In the world of fun kitchen gadget gifts, this one can be a real time saver. It’s a small bowl with a handle that has a slit in it. Simply pass your fresh herbs through the slit and they are instantly stripped from the stalk and caught in the bowl. Works on rosemary, thyme, tarragon and almost any other fresh herbs. A must for today’s health conscious cooks!

3. Pancake Pen

This is a really fun idea for parents who want to get their kids interested in helping out in the kitchen. Simply pour your pancake batter into this bottle, then use the squeeze top to make shapes, spell words, or anything else your imagination can come up with.

4. Melon Slicer

One of the tougher jobs in any kitchen is slicing large melons, but this handy tool makes it a snap. Just slide it over the melon and push down with the handles and you’ll have even slices every time.

5. Jar Key

When it comes to fun kitchen gadget gifts, this may be one of the better inventions of all time. This simple tool breaks the seal on any jar, making it much easier to open. No more straining to twist that lid or fumbling with rubber grippers, this is the way to go for opening jars of any size.

6. The Snug

A perfect solution for small kitchens where there may not be room for a spoon rest, this handy little clip fits right on the side of your cooking pan so that you can rest your spoon there. Eliminates dripping too, so that cleanup is a breeze!

7. Draining Sieve

This is a piece that slips onto the top of any pot and allows you to drain liquid without having to use a separate sieve. Makes the job of cooking that much more convenient.

8. Slip-on Bowl Spout

Along the same lines as the draining sieve, this is a silicone spout that can clip onto the side of any bowl to make pouring easier. No more messes as you try to pour straight from the bowl!

9. Jalapeno Corer

This is one of those fun kitchen gadgets that could also be a real life saver. There are many people who love to spice up their meals with hot peppers but it’s also important to remove the ribs and seeds to keep things from getting too hot. This is a clever tool that allows you to strip the ribs and seeds from peppers in one easy move, saving you time and heartburn in the process!

10. Egg Separator

This tiny little suction device helps you separate yolks from whites quickly and easily, with no mess. It can make any cooking or baking job so much easier…and more fun!

Pick up one or more of these for the clever cook in your life…maybe he or she will reward you with a special home-cooked meal!

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