7 Reasons Why You Need an Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker in Your Kitchen


The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker is causing a revolution in the kitchen and it’s easy to see why. This amazing appliance takes the traditional slow cooker to the next level, giving you the convenience of “set and forget” and the versatility of seven separate functions, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, sautéing, browning and even making yogurt. And all with one easy to use machine!

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Japanese Mandolin Vegetable Slicer vs French Mandoline Slicer: A Quick Comparison

japanese mandolin vegetable slicer vs french mandoline slicer

A Japanese mandolin vegetable slicer vs a French mandoline slicer may not be a decision that you’ve pondered but if you are considering adding a mandoline to your assortment of kitchen tools, it may be worth taking a closer look at the two.

While they perform the same basic function, they are indeed two very different pieces and that difference can be critical depending on your skill level in the kitchen.

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Spiralizer Veggie Slicer vs Vegetable Mandolin Slicer: How to Handle Your Veggies Like An Expert

spiralizer veggie slicer vs a vegetable mandolin slicer

A spiralizer veggie slicer vs a vegetable mandolin slicer is an interesting decision to ponder. Both can be major time savers and help even the most inexperienced of cooks to produce uniform cuts, ensuring that food will cook evenly.

But the two types of slicers are entirely different and you’ll want to consider your personal needs, budget and storage space as you decide which one will best suit your kitchen.

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Mandoline v Slicer vs Straight Blade: Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

mandoline v slicer vs straight blade

Deciding between a mandoline v slicer vs straight blade slicer can be difficult for some cooks, but it all comes down to what kind of slicing you need to do on a regular basis and what you feel comfortable with.

Both types of mandoline offer a smooth, flat surface, hand guard for safety and a razor sharp blade to provide even, uniform slices for all sorts of vegetables, from potatoes to fennel to everything in between. The difference between the two types is really subtle and may only matter to the most highly trained chefs.

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Choosing Between a Mandolin Kitchen Slicer vs Food Processor

mandolin food slicer vs food processor

A mandolin kitchen slicer vs a food processor is a choice that has perplexed many a home cook. Once you’ve invested the money in a food processor you probably assume that it’s all you’ll need for food prep, but that’s hardly true.

The key to successful cooking is variety and that comes from using different tools to make different cuts. Having a mandoline handy can make all the difference in the way you cook, so you should never limit your choices. But it’s still important to consider both tools and decide which will work best for you.

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Julienne Peeler vs a Spiralizer: Which to Choose For Your Kitchen

julienne peeler vs spiralizer

Choosing a julienne peeler vs a spiralizer may not seem like a major decision, but as the old adage goes, a chef is only as good as his tools. One of the most important parts of any cooking job is making sure you have the right tools to work with and know how to use them properly.

With that in mind, choosing the right type of slicer for vegetables can actually make a big difference. Here’s what to look for in each so you can decide which is right for your kitchen.

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6 Awesome Cooking Gadgets & Tools to Save You Time, Money – Make Healthy Delicious Meals

cooking gadgets tools

Today’s kitchen scene represents quite a different picture than it did 100 years ago. Back then, home life revolved around extended time spent in the kitchen. These days, we want to spend as little time as possible there. And creators of cooking gadgets and tools are cashing in at every turn to make it happen.

Browse through Amazon.com or any home goods store, and you’ll discover more kitchen gadgets and tools than you ever thought existed. But before you accumulate an expensive clutter of kitchen tools you will never really use, ask yourself: which ones are truly worth the investment, and which ones actually cost you more in the long run?

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The Veggie Spiral Slicer: How to Turn Healthy Everyday Veggies Into Tasty Veggie Noodles [Infographic]


veggie spiral slicer

Pasta with a twist

Almost everyone loves pasta but with the growing consciousness over too many carbs, some people have tried to stay away from the noodles. But today I have some good news for you. Someone figured out a way to turn healthy vegetables into delicious pasta. Enter the veggie spiral slicer.

Almost any vegetable can be used to make pasta, but the best ones are firm and long. All kinds of creative names have been assigned to these veggie noodles. Boodles, Poodles, Toodles and Coodles. Named for broccoli, parsnip, turnips, and carrots respectively.
It’s good for

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The Different Types of Cutlery Kitchen Knives And How to Use Them [Infographic]


cutlery kitchen knives

Go into any kitchen and chances are you will find some knives. Cutlery Kitchen knives are like any other tool that you may own. For every job, there is a specific tool meant to perform the task.

All knives are pretty much constructed the same way. You have a blade and you have a handle. Higher quality knives will feature the steel running all the way through the handle. This is known as a “full tang.”

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